We make you successful in international markets

with our network in different regions of the world
through training and coaching
at our specialist events and lecture series
Those who know other markets have a clear advantage. According to our customers, those who have proven international networks for this are given opportunities for a successful start. We accompany you with tailor-made strategy development, business development methods, market and target group analyses.



Important relationships are a key issue when regional companies orient themselves internationally. We accompany companies into new markets

North America Region

North America is particularly suitable for niche products and innovations. We have been connecting in USA and Canada for years for products and services with proven business relationships, as companies that value the quality and benefits of innovation in long-term cooperation.

Region Europe

Our neighboring European countries offer a wide range of market entry opportunities for different sectors, products and services. For a successful implementation of the market entry, we offer direct connections to proven companies that can be selected for cooperation. We have contacts with companies that are looking for reliable cooperation. The economic success for medium-sized companies has also led to lectures in ministries, authorities and the European Parliament.

Middle-East Region Europe

Made in Germany is particularly in demand in future markets. The demand in the areas of health, environment, IT, water and innovative solutions, products and services is extremely high. For many years we have known decision-makers and entrepreneurs from these sectors for cooperation in reliable cooperation. For market entry, there are always opportunities for new products and services with high quality and uniqueness due to proven connections.