Our partners and customers value and comment on the quality of our work in the areas of international market entry, coaching, seminars, events and press work




Agentur für Arbeit Nürnberg, Vorsitz Geschäftsführung Frau Elsa Koller-Knedlik:

Your appearance was a major milestone in our ongoing work to further expand diversity aspects as an opportunity and challenge for future success in our workforce. I would like to thank you personally and on behalf of my managers for your committed presentation and the successful performance of your team. The diverse facets of diversity shine all the more dazzling when an entrepreneur like you elegantly presents your profession.


Engineering company Frankreich

We came here for our goals and we like to thank Trapp Networks for an overall perfect mission in every aspect for each of the meetings you prepared with information by a competence profile for each party, guided through the negotiations that lead to excellent results also for next steps we look forward to MOUs and cooperation more than we expected.


IT company Croatia

As young Leaders in our country we visited German companies and institutes to learn about innovation in this region. What was the most efficient support came by Trapp Networks giving us a closer picture how companies are organized and systemized in Germany and how structures work with international and national staff to achieve targets for mutual benefits. All is feasible for our companies and we realized it and everyone involved is delighted to work in that way.


Medical production company Germany

Actually we were thinking to have a standard visit here in Europe for getting to know health institutions but ended up learning a lot about the background of all what was new to us and got familiar the fast way. We were so impressed by the professional explanations at Trapp Networks and connecting us with the right people to reach where we never would have thought of exceeding our expectations.


Coaching Teilnehmer Deutschland

Although we have years of experience with the market in the Gulf countries, we were given new knowledge during the training to become an orient manager, which has already proven to be extremely positive in everyday life. The existing business contacts could still be significantly improved.


Triple AAA Training Teilnehmer Oriental

A wonderful, impressive and versatile intercultural manager seminar.

Their well-founded experiences and practical examples made the days lively and entertaining. They radiate an enthusiasm for intercultural things that is contagious to everyone. I especially liked that you met all the entrepreneurs

have been received individually and have shown ways of building a lasting business relationship. You made me really aware of my strengths and opportunities as well as those of my company. I have already been able to apply the negotiation methods in my work.



Participants in specialist events Bahrain

The event was a real win for me.

Thank you for allowing me to attend your event again. It’s always an enrichment for me too.

It was a really successful event with very interesting presentations. Thanks to your excellent organization and moderation, it was also very entertaining.

Always an honor and a pleasure to be able to attend your chosen circle.


Projektteam Klös GmbH Bahrain

I am very proud and happy to know you. I send my congratulations on your recent trip to Bahrain Dubai with Saudi contacts!

You have my trust, especially after I heard Mr. Büttner today with exciting information about this NMO trip.

Remembering the almost 6 years of NMO there, I remember the names I know, ALBA Bahrain, the very respected “Kanon family”, Ahmed Hamid Algosaibi and the Al-Juffali family.

These 3 mega families are very good in business and they have managed to establish these contacts.
Strategically, Bahrain is the right place for its technology and LED production! You have recognized this exactly and introduced it correctly to the Bahrain VIP industrial families!


Waterstage Company Erlangen

Based on a recommendation, we approached you with our new “Waterstage” technology. Our goal to reach potential interested parties in the Middle East was ambitious. However, the first trip already showed that you have the highest connections in government circles and the local economy.

We have been received by the respective governments in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Bahrain and Sultanate of Oman and have received confirmation of serious interest.

Our expectations were far exceeded, also when it came to the preparation and coordination of the appointment discussions and targeted meetings. The process was perfectly organized every time and gave us all the right basis to present our innovation precisely.

Your local representatives were also extremely constructive and showed trust based on their long-standing contacts. Even now, after the visits, your strategy has proven to be very helpful for success.


Service Schweiz

In a professional and impressive way, we have found extremely good connections in Germany through you. We consider this to be a very great asset. We experience you as extremely competent, goal-oriented and open-minded, authentic.